Himachal Pradesh is a thrilling mix of rising above Himalayan apexes, Buddhist culture, standard living, completely dry mountains, and fabulous scene. Dharamshala, the place of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, is considered as the ‘place that is known for divine creatures.’ Not simply this favored land is skewed towards extraordinary quality, yet moreover, it is a charming town from where many treks including the Kareri Lake (3200) are hailed off. This time, when you go for an excursion in Dharamshala to get ruined in its inquisitive environs, make sure to go on an undertaking to Kareri Lake.

Trek to Kareri Lake gets going from McLeodganj; it further goes through Minkiani Pass, Baleni Pass, Lioti in conclusion completes at Kareri Lake. On your outing to Kareri lake, you will see various vintage places of interest, which offers a mind boggling viewpoint on the bordering mountains and valleys. The way gets over through luxurious forests, tight regions, whirly passes, pleasant knolls and altogether more.

Visit to India is giving you an astonishing trek bundle to Kareri Lake with their master guides and experts to fulfill your mission and furnish you with a unique adventure.Make a transition to research conceivably the most dumbfounding spaces of the Himalayan reach and experience the ease and warmth of the Himachali religion. Hence, I went for a trek to Kareri Lake.

Best Time to Visit Kareri Lake Trek

During the early months of the year, there are chances of snow on high passes, which astonishingly mellow by August. During the rainstorm season, Kangra and Dhauladhar range stays affected as a result of deluge, anyway when we talk about the high places, the environment remains warm and brilliant (12-20 °C) during the day, while the night temperature could be in short (- 2 to 6 °C). During September and October, trekkers can experience a fair environment, with little snowfall. With the start of October, the day temperature is floating around 12-18 °C anyway the evening starts getting likewise colder with (- 6) to 4 °C.

Guidelines to show up at Kareri Village

The Kareri town is situated around 27 km from Dharamshala. You can without a doubt wave to taxis from Dharamshala and even Bir, Palampur, and other chief courses around the space. It will take you 1.5 hours to show up at Kareri from Dharamshala. For showing up at Dharamshala, there are various decisions available.

Regardless, I ought to prompt you, with any incline station you’re meaning to visit, chances are, going to my road is the most accommodating decision. Nevertheless, the train and air network are available, in spite of the way that a fragment of your development ought to be by road.

By means of Air

Gaggal, around 13 KMs from Dharamshala, is the closest air terminal. There are Spicejet and Air India takeoffs from Delhi. In any case, it might just be easier to fly into Chandigarh Airport – which likes favored accessibility over this little Himalayan air terminal.

Chandigarh is a decent way off of around 275 KMs from Dharamshala. You may wave to a taxi/utilize a self-driving vehicle/get a vehicle from Chandigarh to Dharamshala. I will discuss this heap of decisions beneath!

By Rail

The nearest railhead is Pathankot, 85 KMs from Dharamshala. A momentary journey will get you here. Different trains going to Jammu and Kashmir have finished here. From Pathankot, you can wave to a taxi/get a vehicle from here.

By road

Dharamshala is throughout related with Delhi, and the outing will cover a distance of 525 KMs from ISBT. On the off chance that you’re getting a vehicle – do take an overnight journey so you have another entire day to participate in your time in the Himalayas.

The trip from Delhi to Dharamshala will require about 13 hours. Regardless, I ought to uncover to you that specific vehicles will take you to McLeod Ganj. This spot is closer to the start of your trek.


Kareri Lake trek is a magnificent week’s end insight for individuals who need to have a go at something new and not do the more well known treks of Kheerganga, Triund, etc This off an unforeseen way trek takes you through some moderate difficulty – indisputably making you gain your objections.

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