The dining tables in our houses are often used for more than just having a meal together. It’s a place where the entire family can come together to chat and spend some quality time with each other. It’s used as a study table and has also played the role of an office desk used for meetings. Dining rooms are the conference tables of our homes and having the right one can make a huge difference to our lives. Take a look at the best dining table designs for 2023 and give your dining room a makeover.

Dark wood furnishings

Buying a dining table for your house is never a small investment, nevertheless, you do not need to be concerned that a table made of dark wood will go out of style anytime soon. The use of darker wood is a nod to an older, more conventional, and more formal design aesthetic that has been in trend for decades. This design has fared well over time and dark wood furnishings are much sought after even now. You can easily pick a dark round table for your modestly sized kitchen or a huge one for your dining room, depending on your preferences.

Custom fittings are in

More and more people want their personality to reflect through their home decor and interiors, and want a space that caters to their needs and specifications. This has led people to carefully curate their homes in a minimal way that still makes an impact. A major trend for 2023 is customization in terms of furniture and fittings and using more personalized decor items that have sentimental value, around the house.

Grandiose glamor

Opulence and glamor are making a comeback in 2023. “The bigger, the better” is the trending theme this year when it comes to home decor. While dining rooms mostly focus on utility and practicality, this year, most interior designers have decided to focus on bringing back grand dining room designs and decor. Check out these wooden dining chair designs and wooden dining tables and get some instant inspiration.

Extra long dining tables

Extra long tables used to be a thing of a time where people lived in mansions and bungalows. However, lately, these long dining tables have evolved into more sleek and easy to fit designs and are especially built to fit into new age apartments. Extra long tables are perfect for hosting family and friends and post pandemic, house parties and get togethers have become a norm.

Natural lighting

This year, ‘let the light in’ is not just a phrase, it’s becoming a way of life. After being indoors for so long, more and more people want to feel connected with nature and are looking to build dining rooms that make more use of natural light. Natural light allows the space to look more vibrant and open which is why french doors and floor length windows are much requested by homeowners. Skylights have also become a rage and people are finding new and creative places to install them such as dressing rooms and home offices.

Welcome some new changes around the house along with welcoming a new year. Get together with your friends and family and make dinnertime something to look forward to with these dining room design ideas.

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