There are different types of stools we can find in your home. Like any upholstery that you want to purchase, it is important to plan your upholstery or furniture with proper consideration of priorities. Purchasing stools should maintain the purpose it serves – may it be for aesthetic/decorative or functional.

 It is classified into three types and in order to determine the best fabric for these stools, here is a list of which type of fabric fits each type of stool in your home.

Bar Stools

          Vinyl type of bar stools is the most common among the rest. This is because it is decorative, easy to clean, stain-resistant, hard to tear or rip, and even waterproof. For anyone who opts for upholstery fabric bar stools, leather might just be for you. 

Leather may be expensive, but for the right reason as the material of a leather fabric is hard-wearing, convenient due to easy maintenance of cleaning, and is stain resistant. The downside of most leather bar stools is that the range of colors that uses leather for upholstery fabric is limited compared to vinyl.

          Also, you can opt for an alternative which is canvas if the household may contain children or pets. The best upholstery fabric to use for bar stools is one that is able to provide durability, easiness to clean, and has a variety of colors to choose from.

          The difference between vinyl and leather lies in the cost. Leather is an expensive material with the process and equipment it needs to be manufactured.

Counter Stools

          The fabric that should be considered in selecting counter stools is that it should be water-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain by the means of cleaning the upholstery. Choosing a fabric that is unique, using some cotton fabrics that are thick may be enough and can last you for a long time.

Another one to consider is microfiber as it appears like cotton that is available in a variety of colors. Color is important because counter stools usually impact the interior of the room and can add to the attraction.

Kitchen Stools

          Leather for kitchen stool may be contraindicated. Although the upholstery fabric provides a durable and good material, it may affect the aesthetic of the kitchen. As an alternative, canvas and vinyl fit to serve their purpose with the quality both can provide.

          Outdoor fabrics are also recommended as it is stain resistant which is important to consider given that it is located at the kitchen Moreover, the aesthetic of outdoor upholstery fabrics consists of various patterns and colors that does not stain the aesthetic of your home or kitchen.

Vanity Stool

          The presence or existence of choosing a vanity stool would entail long periods of usage. Sitting on this stool should ensure comfort. Commonly, cotton and microfibers are significant materials or upholstery fabric to choose as it provides comfort due to its soft texture and is very easy to sit on. In making yourself look pretty, it is important to feel pretty with the help of a very comfortable vanity stool.

Cover well

          Selecting the best upholstery fabric will always remain in your own personal interest. Every person is different which makes us unique – and this includes our tastes on how we perceive aesthetics and comfort. It is important to never forget in maintaining balance in whatever you decide or do.

The stools are not just any decorative accessory you need at home. It is where you rest even while doing your thing. Allowing both aesthetic and functionality to be provided by your upholstery fabrics should be prioritized in the objective you aim to achieve in the process.

There are different types of stools such as bar, counter, kitchen, and even vanity stools. The material of these stools matters depending on you. Carefully analyze this information on the upholstery fabric for these stools in order to plan better and eventually create a home that you do not only desire but also find comfort in. Nothing beats feeling home that brings you the satisfaction you need. Without compromising the budget, fulfilling your desires and needs should be provided. Be guided of fabric collection for you to check out that may help in makin g your decision.

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