The TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language exam is one of the English proficiency exams accepted at most education institutions abroad. TOEFL iBT exam assesses international students’ usage and knowledge level of English.

Exam Pattern

It is divided into four sections:

Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing – along with the total score. The more you are well versed with TOEFL sample papers, the more you scores on the test. Each section has a score ranging from 0-30, for a total score range of 0-120. Scores will be updated online six days after the test date. ETS will coordinate up to four official score reports directly to the institutions the student selected.

  • Registration for the ETS TOEFL exam is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Candidates can register for their TOEFL exam online by phone or through the mail, or in person (via an authorized agent).
  • Candidates should be aware that TOEFL online registrations close 7 days before the exam and late registration closes 4 days prior to the TOEFL test date. This registration has a late fee of US$40.
  • Candidates attempting TOEFL from India have to pay a TOEFL exam fee in India of US$190.

What are the types of TOEFL Exams?

  • TOEFL test is held in 3 formats TOEFL iBT (Internet-based Test), TOEFL Paper-delivered test, and TOEFL Home Edition.
  • The TOEFL iBT is a common choice f the exam and represents more than 98% of the TOEFL tests given.
  • The TOEFL Paper-delivered test has been re-launched keeping student safety and the pandemic in mind.
  • TOEFL iBT Home Edition is that being conducted from home with a proctor to supervise during the entire process of the TOEFL test.

Duration of Test

The test takes roughly 3 hours to complete, but you should leave 312 hours to allow for check-in.

Official TOEFL iBT scores will be available six days after the exam date, and test-takers who opt for the Special Home Edition of the TOEFL will receive their results six to ten days after the exam day. If a candidate requested a hard copy of their score report before taking the exam, it will be mailed to them within 11 days after the exam date. Local postal agencies will set delivery schedules.

There are ten questions in each TOEFL Reading passage, with the first eight always being multiple choice. These TOEFL Reading multiple-choice problems have a short question followed by four answer options, one of which is accurate.

The exam is dominated by listening and reading;

  • Speaking time is 17 minutes.
  • Writing time is 50 minutes.
  • Reading time should be between 54 and 72 minutes.
  • Listening time is 41-57 minutes.

The time restrictions for TOEFL Speaking and TOEFL Writing follows a pattern, as you can see. The time limit and length of the TOEFL Reading and Listening parts, on the other hand, can vary since each of these two sections might sometimes include additional sets of unscored experimental questions.

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